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The Benefits of VigRx Plus

There are two separate operations for penis enhancement. And since the procedure for widening the penis is entirely different from the lengthening process, you have to decide whether you want to go long, go wide, or go for broke. Doctors also recommend taking a natural male enhancer such as VigRx Plus to help with the recovery process.

The first is adding width. The procedure for widening is the less risky of the two operations, but it may not produce the results you're expecting. Think of it as a kind of reverse liposuction, in which fat is taken from the abdomen and injected beneath the skin of the penis. Trouble occurs when the transplanted fat cells clump up. "In most instances, the penis becomes irregular over the next couple of months," warns Douglas Whitehead, M.D., director of the Association for Male Sexual Dysfunction in New York City. Imagine a cellulite-like effect, and you'll get the picture.

Men's Health advisor Ken Goldberg, M.D., tells us that he has already had to perform surgery on men to take some of the fat out again. Worse than how you might look is how you might feel. There's the distinct possibility of losing some degree of sensation in the penis once it's been plumped up with fat. Sometimes taking a natural male enhancement pill such as VigRx Plus can help.

Finally, many doctors warn that the fat from VigRx Plus can be reabsorbed by the body, in which case the penis will shrink back to its original size. They say even in the best cases, patients should expect to lose about 35 percent of what they've gained in the months following the operation.

The second is adding length with the help of VigRx for Men. Here's where the risks need to be weighed even more carefully. What you're talking about here is snipping a group of ligaments that anchor the top of the penis to the underside of the pelvic bone. While doing this allows the penis to extend further away from the body, it also removes support. The result is an erection that doesn't stand so... erect. It can also be pretty wobbly on its base, the doctors say. This is major surgery. There's a danger that a nerve might get cut, which could mean anything from impotence to the inability to ejaculate.

You've got to compare those risks to potential benefits, and even many of the doctors who perform the operation warn not to expect miracles. The procedure permits the penis to drop down "slightly," says William Canada, M.D., a Las Vegas plastic surgeon. "An inch is the average gain."

Finally you should remember that these procedures were designed specifically for men with abnormally small members--1 to 3 inches when erect. The vast majority of men fall well within the normal range for penis size and don't need to consider such drastic measures. For them VigRx Plus is enough to sexually perform in a satisfactory manner.

Most of the doctors we spoke to urge men to consult a psychologist before considering surgery. "Talk to them about your feelings," advises Alvin Baraff, Ph.D., founder and director of MenCenter in Washington, D.C. He finds that men can and do get over their feelings of inferiority about penis size and can enjoy their sex lives a lot more once they're feeling better about themselves.
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